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The MP3's below are clips of Greg's lead guitar work over the years, click to open or right click to "save as" on your own computer to play later. Since they are of a large file size, without high speed internet the user should save the file, instead of clicking to open it. All music on this website is Copyrighted and not for resale or any other uses without expressed permission from the originator. They are recorded with the highest quality that could be attained. Some of audio has been degraded over years since it has been on tape.
This piece is titled "Send a Photograph" and the premise of the song is that if two people were in a long distance relationship they "see" each other by sending a photograph. It was recorded in Derby, NY in the early 80's on a TASCAM 4-Track.

"Send a Photograph"

This piece is titled "Please Hear Me" and is about a severe hearing loss from one of the band members children and the hope that they would have it returned to them. It was recorded in Derby, NY in the early 80's on a TASCAM 4-Track.

"Please Hear Me"

This piece is titled "Modern Religous Maze" and is about confusion concering religous and life choices. It was recorded in Derby, NY in the early 80's on a TASCAM 4-Track.

"Modern Religous Maze"

This piece is titled "Back to the Forest" and is about reaching a desitination in ones life and finding where we come from sometimes is better than where we arrive in the end. Greg's smooth lick on the piece was perfection. It was recorded at Greg's North Collins, NY studio in the later 90's and he was the sound engineer.

"Back to the Forest"

This piece is titled "For Those Guided Astray" and is basically akin to the concept of Karma. This by many has been called Greg's greatest effort on the Lead Guitar. The passion and flow peak several times and end with intensity. Greg was sick with pneumonia on the final day of recording it, which was done at Squire Studios on Clinton St. in Buffalo, NY in the early 90's. He was asked if the band should pick another time due to his illness and he adamately refused. This was typical Greg when it came to his effort and serious nature with music, he gave it his all and more.

"For Those Guided Astray"

This piece is titled "What it is I'm Going To Do" and is self explanitory in the lyric line. It's the same piece (in full here) being played on the homepage. Greg and Gaia picked this piece together on a simple Teac Cassette 4-Track at home in the early 90's.

"What it is I'm Going To Do"

As time goes on this website will grow as content is found and uploaded here. If you happen to have a recording of Greg that you're will to pass along to share,(non-copyrighted unless you own the piece) please contact the webmaster for addition to this special place in Greg's honor.