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This page includes all the known people (family first, then all in alphabetical order) that had the pleasure of meeting or knowing Greg. If you find your name is not included and you'd like it to be (or wish your name removed) please use the contact page and tell the webmaster of your request. If you are aware of people who did know Greg whose names are not included on this page, please send them along for inclusion, but ask first if you are able to reach them.

If you'd like your name to be a link to your email address please advise the webmaster to update your name with the information so people can contact you if you wish. Your name will then appear with an underline so that the view knows you can be contacted.


Thomas Switala (Father - Passed)
Jeanette Switala (Mother - Passed)
David and Deborah Switala (Brother and Wife)
Cynthia and Thomas LaBelle (Sister and Husband)
Rachel Switala (Niece)
Benjamin Switala (Nephew)

Friends/Others (Alphabetical Order)

Dawn Barnhart
Scott Carpenter (The Real McCoys Band)
Don and Josie (Klimowicz) Conti
Crystal Degenhart
Dylan Daniel Degenhart
Noel Riley Degenhart
Rick Dranger
James Druzbik
Matt Druzbik
Mark Faraci
Lon Folts
Vicki Folts
Charlie Gannon
Pat Gavin
James Gorecki
Charolette and Ken Kase
John Lazik
Mark Leskovansky
Chris and Jackie Levergood
John and Ruth Miller
Gaia Miranda
Daniel and Wendy Mills
Sue New (Yeates)
Peggy (Margaret) Reed, Jane Patterson (mother), Mynde Reed (daughter), Steve Notto (nephew), Cathie Malachowsky (sister), Suzy Zaletel (niece)
Michael Schultz
Jennifer Schuster
Tammy Shannon
Vince Valente
James Vice
Alison Voight
Bill Williams
Tammy Wulf
Rebecca Yacobucci