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Please contact us to have your uplifting memory included so that all that visit here get a chance to reminice and for those that never met him, get to know the person we all loved.

  • From Peggy Reed: I was at work recently and went home for lunch. My mother accidentally called my dog Jack, Greg. We laughed because he loved Jack and Jill. When he was around, my mother and I did not exist because he was always carrying some kind of treat for them. We never went out to eat without him bringing them back a snack. If you tap on a plate, Jack still will start barking because that means to him that Greg was chopping up stuff togive to them on a plate. There are many wonderful, fun memories.

  • From Gaia Miranda: We were on our way to a outdoors gig we were doing in the early 80's and during the trip there in our caravan of cars/vans it started pouring so badly we had to pull the vehicles over to the side of Rt. 20 because we couldn't see where we were going. I was waiting until it passed to continue when all of the sudden I heard a knock at my car door, it was Greg with a look of disbelief. "Are we still going" he asked? I laughed because it was so ridiculous trying to get the equipment there in that weather and the fact he was soaked to the skin standing in a complete downpour. I said "YES!" lol. He asked if I was crazy and going to play in the rain. I said of course not, there would be small tents put up so that we could remain dry. I included that the weather would probably improve so we should make the decision when we arrived there. Soon the rain let up and we continued into Buffalo from the southtowns. We played that night to a crowd of approximately 300 people at what was called "Spencerfest" and had the time of our lives. A day I'll never forget.